The siege of feelings and images that comes over me every day takes shape in the paper, the most brittle material ever. A world of figures, sometimes childish and dreamy, which reveals my secret inner side. A siege that is both urgent and challenging, faced with the papercutting technique. by that meaning purely cutting the paper itself. It is an art making, long, meticulous and patient, almost meditative for me.

The paper I use, wich is often white, litterally leaves me “carte blanche” and becomes intersections, plots, mostly “ton sur ton”, which patiently builds up subtle meanings, which needs attention and listening, to be revealed beyond the “game” area, that the cutting technique seems at first glance suggest.

Through the paper, my subconscious dream world emerges, with associations that displaces myself in the first place: I create, and I talk about my life, reading the works as traces of an existential journey that invites me to evolve as a person. An open book written in a language to be decoded, that can speak not only to me but to everybody, because every life has fullnesses, gaps and holes, each equally important, with meanings to be decoded from them every time.

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