The “Traumaremoto” project means to show the condition of confusion and locking that pervades many women, through an ‘optical illusion achieved without postproduction editing. The woman in “Traumaremoto”, at first glance, appears as if you’re lookin at her back but – at a closer look – her feet appear straight forward: in fact she stands in front of the camera lenses or the viewer, it’s actually a “visual trick” that makes her appear turned on the other way round. “Traumaremoto” thus suggests that many women are still directed to the past, almost anable to get rid of it and go on in their lives, transmitting the sensation of feeling paralyzed by a sort of “confusion on which direction to choose.”

It remains unrevealed what prevents the women in “Traumaremoto” to fully live in the present, but it can be assumed that only a trauma in the dinstant past may have triggered such a psychological torsion.

The underlying intention is to project the viewer beyond the initial displacement, to make him/her identify with the presumed emotional state of mind of the character, so that the “staging” can somehow induce to wonder about oneself “remote trauma”. A creative yet empirical journey inside oneself, pointing out towards life and the wealth of experiences that conditions it.

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